CCHA was established in 1990 to provide the typical services expected from a homeowners association plus the maintenance of the infrastructure and the control of construction, new and remodeling. The City is responsible only for providing water, sewer, electricity, electricity for street lights, garbage pick-up, and fire and police services. Conchas Chinas is about 250 hectares (625 acres) in area and includes about 600 homes and apartments. It abuts Puerto Vallarta on PV's south edge and includes Conchas Chinas beach, a boutique beach with several smaller beaches separated by granite outcroppings. CCHA is funded by voluntary annual homeowners fees.

The Conchas Chinas Homeowner Association fees keep property values high by:

1. Repairing streets within the Colonia
2. Removing debris, especially after summer rains
3. Repair and replacing street lights
4. Repairing sidewalks
5. Providing trash cans and emptying them
6. Cleaning the beaches
7. Providing and maintaining plantings at Colonia entrances
8. Acting as “watch dogs” over new construction projects
9. Providing a “voice” at City Hall representing the Colonia
10. Providing information on topics of value to the membership
11. Controlling Future development through acceptance on the Plan Parcial expected in 2011.

Maintenance fees structure: Effective April 2005 through 2011

One bed / one Bath $100 per year
Two bed / two Bath $200 per year
Vacant lots $200 per year
Three bed plus…… $300 per year

CCHA's current officers and their responsibilities:

President: Tari Bowman
Vice President: Wayne Hansen
Secretary: Silvia Elias
Treasurer: Harry Reifschneider
Maintenance: Tom Schmidt
Membership: Joni Henry

Hector Rosas is the paid Administrative Assistant and Architect Alfonso Baños Francia is the Technical Consultant.

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